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By jillogab, Jul 10 2014 01:09PM

Our handy guide to filming abroad in 5 steps:

1. Always work with experienced fixers & production managers who have shot in the region.

Local crew = local knowledge, which saves time & makes your shoot run more smoothly.

We help filmmakers find just the right person, with experience in filming in their country.

We have established relationships with fixers across the world.

2. Never forget to bring back-up equipment. Not everywhere has accessible HD kit available.

Know where the nearest source of kit is to where you are shooting, and whether they speak English!

We always research this for our clients and are on hand to source anything extra needed.

3. Don’t try to cram in too much to your daily schedule: filming abroad invariably takes slightly longer,

as even with the best planning in the world, the unexpected can happen, and language barriers can

cause delays. Shots that would take a short time on home soil can take longer when shooting in a

strange or unknown surrounding environment – even with local help. We work with our clients to draw

up a realistic schedule, in conjunction with the local fixer to make sure your time and money is best

spent on what matters on screen.

4. Plan ahead! Whether it's shot lists, logistics, accommodation or kit, you need to know in advance what

you will do in a given situation. We work with you to produce a scenario plan: in foreign locations,

sometimes you can't just "pop back" to pick up a shot, and local logistics can look much more

straightforward on paper than they are on the ground. Which brings us to....

5."But it was on the map!?" ALWAYS recce. A to B on the map can sometimes seem simple until you

discover that there is no passable road from A to B. It pays to invest time in a recce, so as not to waste

time during a shoot. It's also a great way to befriend locals, who may be your saving grace on location,

should you find yourself in an unexpected sticky situation! We can help you to plan a recce, and assist in

gaining access to the right people and places to help, before shooting begins.

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